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Rep. Rohrabacher floor speech against increased aid to Pakistan 28/12/12

Louie Gohmert Afghan strategy: Carve out Balochistan from ally Pakistan

Rep. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher's press conference on Balochistan

Balochistan is presented as a Sovereign country  by Umer Baloch in Kandhar Break film

The Great Baloch poet Ata Shad  reciting  Urdu poetry

Upsurge in extra judicial killings

Pakistani police indiscriminate  firing on unarmed Baloch civilians in Lyari Karachi

Balochistan, a brief history of Western Balochistan

US congressmen in committee of foreign Affairs P1

US congressmen in committee of foreign Affairs P2

Pakistan army is responsible for terrorism, Asma Jahangir Human Rights activist

Pakistan in National, regional and international  terrorism

Iranian Forces barbarism on unarmed Baloch civilians ( Facebook)

Baloch Genocide

Baloch Genocide 2

Baloch Youth has been executed  publicly by Iranian fascist regime without trial

Baloch Children in the 21st century in occupied Balochistan

Displaced Baloch in Balochistan....refugee in their own Land

Gross Human Rights Violation in Balochistan