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Baloch Human Rights Council condemns Iranian regime’s barbaric acts in Balochistan


Appeal to save lives of 5 innocent BalochSunni from imminent execution

Five innocent Sunni Baloch Scholars and charitable persons, Hafiz Salah-uddin Saeidi, Molavi Khalil-ullah Zarahi, Molavi Abdulmajeed Salahzai, Sofi Obid-ullah Machkowri and Haji Aabid Gwahramzai were put on a show trial by the Iranian regime in Zahidan and charged with serious but totally fabricated allegations of being at war with Almighty God, anti-state activities, possession of fire arms, planting road-side bombs, creating terror and so on, on Wednesday 19th Nov 2008. They were arrested in Mohammad-Abad of Iranshar sometimes in June 2008, and their trial was held after 5 months of degrading imprisonment with torture.

Though the Iranian regime claimed that the trial was open and transparent, but there are credible reports from the relatives of the five Baloch Sunni leaders the trial was far from any international norms. They were denied access to independent lawyers. Only few members of families of them were allowed to observe some part of the trial on the conditions that they refrain themselves from reporting any part of the trial. It is noteworthy to state that none of the family members have any knowledge or familiarities with law and legal matters and procedures. In fact the father of Sofi Obid-ullah Machkowri, Haji Karimbax was barred to observe his son’s trial and forced out of the building by force.

The prosecution demanded that the five accused Baloch should receive maximum sentence. In Iran unfortunately it means death by execution.

The regime executed two innocent great Baloch Sunni lecturers, Molavi Abdul-Qudos Molazai and Molavi Mohd-Yusuf Sohrabi in March 2008 on exactly same charges.

However, they refused to accept possession of fire-arms, links with anti-state groups, planting bombs and creating terror among the population, and pleaded not guilty, and stated to the court on the grounds that there is no evidence to link them to those allegations. They refuted all charges and pronounced that since they are religious scholars, in no way they can be deemed to be at war with Almighty God. Sunni Baloch in Balochistan testify that they posed no threat to anyone and they are very popular with the public as Sunni religious scholars.

Now it is feared that the authorities of the Iranian regime are sentencing them with capital punishment of death by execution despite not establishing guilt beyond any reasonable doubts.

Baloch Human Rights Council appeals to all people of the world and humanitarian organisations, democratic institutions and states to help these innocent Baloch from imminent execution and requests you to kindly write to Mr Sharodi, the head of Iranian Judiciary, and also directly to Mr Mahguli, the presiding judge in Zahidan, and urge them for reconsideration of the trial and ultimate release of them as the charges are unfounded. BHRC calls upon people of Balochistan to resist with resolve the regime and its policies of annihilation. BHRC call upon international community and the champions of Islamic brotherhood to assist the Baloch nation in the face of barbaric atrocities being committed by the most atrocious regimes on the planet earth.

Background on ill-treatment of Sunni Baloch in Iran

The oppressed people of Balochistan have been suffering immensely from the oppressive policies of the Iranian regime for the past three decades. The harassment, intimidation, mass arrests, imprisonment without trial, inhuman torture, execution of innocent Baloch youths, social workers, human rights activists and religious leaders are the norms in Iranian Balochistan. There is hardly any week gone by that the barbaric regime refrained itself from carrying execution in Balochistan.

The regime demolished Azim Abad mosque and Abu-Hannifa Madras (school) in Balochistan on 27 August 2008 and arrested hundreds of Baloch Talibs (Students). Also the regime executed two innocent great Baloch Sunni lecturers, Molavi Abdul-Qudos Molazai and Molavi Mohd-Yusuf Sohrabi with two other Sunni Baloch peers in 10 April 2008.

Another Sunni Lectrure, Sheikh Ali Dehwari was gunned down by unknown hit-mans in Sarawan when he left prayer on Nov 10th, 2008.

Baloch civic activist Mr Yahgob Mehrnehad was executed on fabricated charges in Feb 2008. Molana Ahmad Naroei and other innocent Baloch are still in degrading prisons.

During January in two occasions mass executions were carried out by the regime in central prison in Zahidan. The regime even resorted to barbaric and medieval acts of amputation in Balochistan. On the 7th Jan 08, the regime carried out this barbaric and dreadful act on five Baloch in Zahidan and cut off their hands and legs. Again in this January in Pahra (Iranshahr as it is known) a large number of Baloch human rights activists were arrested and put in prison for totally fabricated allegations. Similarly a large number of Baloch youth were arbitrarily arrested and imprisoned in Chabar on suspicion of being involved with the Baloch resistance movement against the Iranian subjugation.

The regime’s approach to Balochistan is of savage invaders and their policies are aimed not only to marginalise but to annihilate Baloch nation. In 2007, the regimes’ representative for Zahidan in the Iranian parliament, Dr Sharyari unashamedly and proudly announced the execution of 700 Baloch by the regime. The killing of two innocent Baloch children by regime’s murderer forces (so called security forces) on 3rd of Jan 08 in Zahidan once again proved that the regime recognises no principles when it concerns Balochistan.

The regime has been embarking on an unprecedented level on promoting Shi’ism by despatching Shi’ia Clergies in hundreds to far-fetched villages in Balochistan where there is no single Shii’a person. The City of Rask in Balochistan had no Shii’a prior to this regime in 1979, but now it has a seizble Shii’a converts with glorious Mosque, provided and built by the regime. Baloch people feel that every aspect of their lives is under direct attack from the regime. Baloch have been resisting with their full resolve the oppressive regime.

Baloch Human Rights Council as a defender of the defenceless Baloch people condemns the regime in strongest terms for its barbaric acts of amputation, executions, arbitrary arrest of Baloch activists and imposition of Shi’ism in Balochistan.


Dated: 28/11/2008

London (UK)

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