Friday, June 25, 2010

On the occasion of International Day against Torture.

Baloch Human Rights Council (UK) has written a letter to His excellency Ban Ki Moon the secretary General of United Nations On the occasion of International Day against Torture in support of victims of torture on 26 June.

issued by:
Samad Baloch
General Secretary Baloch Human Rights Council (UK)
London 26 june 2010
Ban Ki-Moon

Secretary- General

United Nations Organization

United Nations Secretariat New York,

NY 10017-3515

Subject: Deteriorating human rights situation in Pakistan and Iranian controlled Balochistan

Dear Secretary General,

On the occasion of International Day against Torture in support of victims of torture on 26 June, we would like to draw your kind attention towards the inhuman treatment of the Baloch by the Iranian and Pakistani security agencies.

Baloch are facing the cruellest state oppression in the contemporary history. Cultural, social, historical, economical and political marginalization by both states is the hallmark of the subjugation of the Baloch. The Baloch have been resisting subjugative measures by peaceful political mobilization. The religious fundamentalist states of Pakistan and Iran have been reacting to the genuine Baloch demands for cultural, economic and political emancipation with the use of crude military prowess. Kidnappings, torture, solitary confinement and extra judicial killings of the Baloch by state intelligence agencies are the usual ways adopted by the Pakistani and Iranian States and have been graphically reported by various international human rights organisations affiliated with the United Nations.

Whereabouts of thousands of the Baloch civilians are still unknown. Pakistani govt. officials have accepted of more then 1000 missing person themselves last year and we genuinely believe that their lives are in grave danger. Abductions of students, doctors, teachers, journalists and human rights activists is going on daily basis in Balochistan. The Chief Minister of Balochistan, the Governor of Balochistan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan and the President of Pakistan have admitted the worsening human rights situation in Balochistan and have shown their helplessness against Pakistani army and its notorious Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) and Military Intelligence (MI) agencies. In addition of this, the Pakistani military establishment has created numerous religious terrorist organizations as proxy “Hit Squads” and with the help of these organizations consisting of dacoits and robbers and working with different nomenclatures is fully determined to get rid of the Baloch political and human rights activists by their physical extermination by these proxy hit squads. This is being done in order to silence the voice of the democratic and secular people of Balochistan. A large number of prominent Baloch social, intellectual and political figures have been targeted and eliminated by these hit squads being controlled by the state securities agencies. Recently these organizations were reportedly involved in the killing of students in Khuzdar district of Balochistan and acid throwing on the Baloch women in the name of religious values.

A brutal military operation is being carried out by the Pakistani State in Balochistan for the last five years in which thousands of innocent men, woman and children have been mercilessly killed. By all accounts, the acts of terror on the part of the Pakistani military establishment are tantamount to acts of genocide against the Baloch people and the tactics of killing the innocent Baloch adopted by the armed forces, paramilitary forces, civilian administration and state security agencies of Pakistan are in violation of international conventions regarding human rights.

Your Excellency,

Pakistan and Iran are combining their efforts for the genocide of the Baloch. The handing over of Abdul Hameed Rigi, the brother of Abdul Malik Rigi by Pakistan to Iranian authorities is against international conventions and a prime example of both countries respect of human rights and international laws. The abduction and subsequent murder of Mr. Abdul Malik Rigi would not have been possible without the involvement of Pakistani security agencies. Both brothers are among hundreds of the Baloch political, social and religious workers whom Iranian authorities hanged publically without proper court hearing and the chance of defending themselves. Hundreds of Baloch activists are lavishing in Iranian torture cells to be hanged and humiliated.

The irony is that the UN and international community are watching silently the violation of human rights and annihilation of an entire people by Iranian and Pakistani states. The silence of the UN and international community can not be justified in the name of the principle of state sovereignty. Pakistan is a state created in the name of religion and religious fundamentalism is the basic pillar of its state ideology. Now it is an open secret that Pakistan is exporting religious terrorism in India, Afghanistan, UK, Chechnya and other parts of Europe. UN and international community should not forget that the Pakistani State is in the possession of Islamic nuclear bombs and Iran is busy of making its own Shia version of Islamic nuclear bombs. Pakistani Islamic bombs are in the hands of the known rogue army establishment in the contemporary world and Iranian Shia bombs will be in the hands of Shia fundamentalist Mullahs.

Your Excellency,

The situation for the Baloch is alarming, The Baloch are finely being minced by the powerful jaws of the world’s two most notorious and brutal states of Pakistan and Iran. We believe that we are justified in asking for the immediate intervention of UN in order to pressurize both fascist states for an immediate end to genocide acts being committed on the Baloch.

The Baloch Human Rights Council (UK) therefore requests your immediate intervention. We strongly request you to press the Pakistani and Iranian States to stop all atrocities against the Baloch political, social and human rights activists and civilians. We request that this petition be taken as an urgent humanitarian appeal. Your immediate intervention could save not only countless innocent lives but could also prevent the present situation from developing into a total genocide of the defenseless Baloch people. We will be grateful if the UN could establish an international commission to investigate the heinous crimes against humanity committed by the Iranian and Pakistani states establishments in Balochistan.

Yours sincerely

Samad Baloch

General Secretary

Baloch Human Rights Council (UK)


26 June 2010

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