Monday, November 29, 2010

Nawabzada Balaach Marri Remembered

Press release

3rd martyrdom anniversary of Nawabzada Balaach Marri was observed in the University of London Union Building on 28th of November 2010. The event was jointly organized by Baloch Human Rights Council (UK) and World Sindhi Congress.

The panel which presided the meeting included Baloch leader Nawabzada Hayrbiar Marri, World Sindhi Congress president Dr. Hedayattullah Bhutto, and the Baloch intellectual Dr. Naseer Dashti.

The gathering was attended by a large number of the Baloch, Sindhis and other Human Rights activists who paid rich tribute to the martyred leader who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the Baloch cause and for the fulfilment of the Baloch dream of living with honour, dignity and independence in their motherland Balochistan.

A 2 minutes silence was observed to show respect to the hero of the Baloch national struggle.

Samad Baloch, Dr.Lakhu luhana, Abdullah Baloch, Dr. Halim Bhatti. Jamshed Amiri, Mehrab Sarjoi, Dr. Hedayatullah Bhutto, Hasan Hamdam, Madam Estella, Dr.Naseer Dashti and Nawabzada Hayrbiar Marri were among the speakers.

Issued By:

Samad Baloch

General Secretary

Baloch Human Rights Council (UK)


Dated: 29-11-10

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