Monday, April 25, 2011

Why Does Baluchistan Matter
Balochistan being the largest province of Pakistan is facing a number of destabilizing challenges. Despite the fact that the present Pakistani government has initiated a comprehensive development and dialogue process in a bid to address some of the Baloch grievances, the situation continues to remain serious. This report examines the strategic importance of Baluchistan and why does it matter to the United States of America. Marvin Wienbaum at Washington's Middle East Institute says that US has a strategic interest in Balochistan because of the ongoing war in Afghanistan. William B Milam, Former US Ambassador to Pakistan says that Balochistan's geographical location is important to America, especially because it is located near Iran. Shahzadi Beg- a barrister at the Department of Justice United Kingdom says that impoverished human conditions, law and order situation and unusual foreign interest in the province are the key problems of Balochistan. Ejaz Haider- a journalist and defense analyst, says that Political dialogue is the only solution to Balochistan's problems, however there is no imminent danger of Balochistan getting disintegrated from Pakistan.

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