Monday, May 9, 2011

BHRC, WSC and IVBMP held a peaceful protest rally in London against the brutal killings of Baloch & Sindhi people by Pakistan

Press Release
Sindhis and Balochs gathered in front of British prime minster's residence to protest against Pakistani Agencies killing of Sindhi and Baloch people
On 8th May a large number of Sindhis and Balochs from all over the UK and Europe gathered in front of 10 Downing Street, the residence of the British Prime Minster Hon. David Cameron, to protest against the killing and disappearances of Sindhi and Baloch people by Pakistan's security agencies. The rally was organised by World Sindhi Congress, Baloch Human Rights Council UK and the International Voice for Missing Baloch Persons.  
The rally was held in the backdrop of the sadistic killings and disappearances of Sindhi and Baloch people. On 21st April two senior Sindhi leaders, Sirai Qurban Khuhawar and Roplo Choliani were callously killed by security personnel along with their two political colleagues Nadir Bugti and Noorullah Tunio and their bodies were set on fire. In last four months alone more than 140 mutilated bodies of Balochs including senior political activists, writers, journalists and human rights activists, have been thrown. Thousands of Baloch and Sindhi people including senior political activists and leaders have been kidnapped byPakistan's security agencies and remain missing.
The proceedings of demo were conducted by Dr. Haleem Bhatti. The rally was addressed by Dr. Hidayat Bhutto, Peter Thatchel, Suraiya Makhdoom, Dr. Mustafa Baloch, Mir Ghulam Hussain, Abdullah Baloch, Abdul Karim Arbabi, Rahim Bandhvi, Jamshed Ameeri, Mansoor Baloch and Lakhu Luhana.
  The speakers strongly condemned the inhumane and barbaric killings and wide-scale disappearances of Sindhi and Baloch people by Pakistan's security agencies. The speakers reiterated that these gross violations of human rights should be treated as crimes against humanity and Pakistan's security agencies should be tried in the international court of justice. The speakers also requested the international community for their urgent help and intervention to press upon the Pakistani establishment to stop the atrocities against Baloch and Sindhi people. The speakers demanded from the UN to set up a fact finding mission to investigate these atrocities.  
Towards the end of the rally a petition was submitted to the British Prime Minster by Dr. Hidayat Bhutto, Sultan Mahar, Samad Baloch, Dr. Mustafa Baloch, Sadiq Bhanbhro and Dr. Haleem Bhatti to request his urgent intervention and assistance to stop these heinous crimes against Sindhis and Balochs.  
 Click on the link below to  view the petition to the Prime Minister
 To View the photos of the demo please click on the links below,

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