Tuesday, July 19, 2011

BHRC & IVMBP jointly held National Remembrance Day in Vancouver Canada

Vancouver, July 17, 2011 – International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons – Canada (IVBMP) and Baloch Human Rights Council – Canada (BHRC) jointly organized an event in Vancouver, Canada to honour the Baloch Martyrs who paid the ultimate price for the freedom of Balochistan.
Aziz Baloch, Vice President BHRC (Canada) and Coordinator IVBMP (Canada) hosted the event and said, “Much of the Baloch history has been distorted by occupation forces of Pakistan and Iran. The history textbooks taught at universities, colleges, and schools in these states present Balochistan and its peoples’ culture, history, and heritage to serve the interests of the colonizers. Baloch scholars such as Prof. Saba Dashtyari challenged these fallacious views of the establishment, presented the world with the true knowledge, and ended up target killed on the streets of Quetta.
Ayesha  Baloch, an active member of IVBMP and BHRC – Canada daughter of late Basir Baloch an educator and producer of Balochi Radio Kabul reminded the audience and said, “Our nation, throughout its history, fought against the forceful occupation until today. This is the reason why they have been embracing martyrdoms instead of slavery.” “History has proven that a nation when consciously sacrifices her sons and daughters for her land and identity; such a nation will never be defeated,” She said.Khuda Bakhsh Baloch, Secretary General, Baloch Community of British Columbia and an active member of IVBMP and BHRC – Canada, concluded the event by reading the Baloch historian and revolutionary poet Mir Gul Khan Nasir’s poem Dewan at the meeting. Mir Gul Khan Nasir, the national poet of Balochistan, has awakened his entire nation from slumber of slavery with the thunder of his patriotic verses. The poet called upon the Baloch nation to make a promise to their beloved homeland to remain mindful of the fact that as long as they are living under occupation, their real worth is no more than slaves are. He stressed in his poetry that freedom is the only path that abolishes slavery completely. In addition, such a high aimed goal can only be achieved through national unity so that Baloch can once again be the master of its own destiny. Indeed, we believe only through unity we can overcome all the challenges and Baloch nation will be free and can be its own master.Regardless of that, today, politically conscious Baloch masses from all walks of life around the world and in Balochistan are paying rich tributes to the fallen Baloch heroes and the martyrs because they have laid down their precious lives solely for free and democratic Balochistan.
Please click the link below to view the pictures of the event.

Aziz Baloch,
Vice President BHRC (Canada)
Coordinator, IVBMP-Canada

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