Friday, August 26, 2011

Another book to kill for?

The book seeks to establish that: 1) the Afghan Taliban plus Al Qaeda Arabs and Uzbeks and their local supporters were made to become dominant inside Pakistan under a considered policy by Pakistan Army; 2) local leadership opposed to them was allowed to be decimated and political agents were subordinated to the terrorists after the destruction of the local tribal jirga; 3) loyalty to the Taliban was obtained through intimidation allowed by Pakistan; 4) local lashkars willing to fight the terrorists were discouraged and allowed to be destroyed; 5) this was facilitated by 'peace treaties' between the Army and the Taliban; 6) there were no FC desertions and FC Pakhtuns felt no ethnic attachment with Taliban; 7) local marriages of Pakhtun girls to Arabs and Uzbeks remain unproven; 8) drone attacks by the CIA are popular with the local population; 9) Pakistan's pro-Taliban policy was a part of the 'strategic depth' Pakistan sought against India, aimed at controlling Afghanistan; and 10) Taliban attracted individuals of dubious moral character, joining terrorism with the criminal underworld.

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