Monday, August 22, 2011

HRCP (Makran) Special Task Force announces more abductions and killings

thumbnail imageThe Human Rights Commission Special Task Force (Makran) said in a press release that 12 Baloch youths under custody have been killed in the last 48 hours.The HRCP task force further said that in the last couple of days five more Baloch youths have been abducted from different parts of Balochistan. They include
:* Ghaffar, s/o Mohammad, resident of Gayab Mand,
* Hameed s/o Majeed resident of Solo Mand
* Amjad s/o Dad Ullah resident of Gayab Mand
* Majeed s/o Shahban Gayab Mand and
* Raheem Jan s/o Mohammad Ameen resident of Buleda.
The HRCP fears the abducted persons' lives are at high risk. The HRCP also appealed for the recovery all Baloch missing persons.

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