Monday, August 22, 2011

Radio NRP report on Balochistan issue (English)

NPROne of American's most popular public radio stations NPR has carried a news story about the ongoing independence struggle in occupied Balochistan and has included the interviews of Balochistan minister and a Baloch girl whose father was abducted on August 15, 2010 by Pakistan's Frontier Corps in full view of the public and his tortured body was found in May (Listen to the story).
Balochistan communications and works minister Sadiq Ali Umrani confirmed to the NPR that Pakistan law-enforcement agencies were involved in the enforced disappearances and killings. When asked which agency, Umrani quipped, "I have told you enough. If I tell you more my body will also be found along a roadside."
NRP report on Balochistan issue (English) NRP report on Balochistan issue (English)WHxlXlvQ

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