Tuesday, August 16, 2011


    Join In the Rally to Tell PPP and MQM that
· Sindh is a historical motherland of Sindhi people for last thousands of years
· We reject any administrative or political or geographical division of Sindh
· We reject the anti-Sindh system imposed by military dictator Musharaf
· We want the pre-Musharaf historical status of Hyderabad and Karachi to be restored.
· We want the unjust, undemocratic, anti-Sindhi hegemony of MQM established by general Musharaf over Sindhi people to end.
· We want permanent peace to be established in urban areas of Sindh, all illegal weapons to be confiscated and terrorist killings to be stopped  
· We want the political, historical, educational, lingual, cultural and human rights of Sindhi people to be respected
· We want a peaceful, just and proportionate conflict resolution to represent all permanent residents of Sindh
21 August 2011
1-4 pm
Opposite 10 Downing Street
(Nearest Underground – Westminster)
Organisers: Contact:
World Sindhi Congress Sultan Mahar 07862207829
Sindhi Sangat UK Nisar Ahmad Gilal 07939420136
Baloch Human Rights Council UK Samad Baloch 07825087032

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