Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Terror outsourced —Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

Similar tactics were used by the Indonesian state against the people of East Timor and there, as Noam Chomsky quoting David Jenkins in his book Rogue States tells: “The state terrorists were not simply going after the most radical pro-independence people but going after the moderates, the people who have influence in the community.” He says a well placed source in Jakarta reported that “the aim is ‘to terrorise everyone — the NGOs, the Red Cross, the UN, the journalists’”. Chomsky adds, “These were the tactics of the US Phoenix programme in South Vietnam that killed tens of thousands of peasants and much of indigenous South Vietnamese leadership.” This policy is insidiously being carried out in Balochistan.The FC and the army have outsourced terror to death squads but the fact remains that when a company, say Toyota, outsources parts’ production to favourite outfits and this results in shoddy production, no one blames the companies from Bakra Piri or Gowalmandi; they rightly blame Toyota and here too the eventual responsibility rests with the mother company, i.e. the FC and the army.

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