Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Iranian regime kills 3 young men in Baluchistan and Hanged 9 in Zahidan and Taibad

On the evening of Wednesday, September 7, a car carrying fuel with three passengers identified as Eqbal Dastfard, 25, Mohammad Zard Kouhi, 24 along with his 30 year old brother Adham Zard Kouhi were travelling in the Bam-Iranshahr road when they were targeted and shot by security forces. The young men all died on the spot in the ensuing fire after suffering severe burns and not receiving any help.
Notably, after fuel was rationed in Iran, a large number of young Baluchi men who used their cars for taxis inside towns now carry and sell fuel. (Human Rights Activists in Iran – Sep. 13, 2011)

نابه گزارشات رسیده به "فعالین حقوق بشر و دمکراسی در ایران" صبح امروز در شهرهای زاهدان و تایباد حداقل 9 نفر اعدام شدند.
در راستای موج جدید اعدام های گروهی و در ملاعام که از چند هفته پیش آغاز شده است رژیم ولی فقیه علی خامنه ای روز پنجشنبه 24 شهریور ماه 9 زندانی در شهر زهدان و تایباد را اعدام کرد. 4 نفر از آنها در زندان مرکزی شهر زاهدان و 5 نفر از آنها در زندان مرکزی شهر تایباد به چوبه های دار سپرده شدند

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