Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Balochistan problem: ‘Guerrilla war a real possibility’

The outbreak of another civil war between Baloch nationalists and the Pakistan Army is a real possibility unless the Baloch peoples’ minimum demands are met.

“Baloch nationalism is a reality that we cannot ignore or coop up by making promises,” said Dr Javaid Haider Syed on the second and final day of a conference on ‘Pakistan: Challenges to Democracy, Governance and National Unity’ at Punjab University here on Tuesday.
In his paper titled ‘Balochistan Problem: The Main Threat to Pakistan’s National Unity’ Syed said that after six decades of intermittent conflict, the people of Balochistan had a deep feeling of mistrust towards the central government.
“The risk of a prolonged guerrilla movement in Balochistan is quite real,” said Syed, who is with Quaid-i-Azam University’s Department of History.
However, he said that in the absence of foreign support, the Baloch movement was unlikely to prevail.

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