Monday, October 3, 2011

Tolerance runs out in Pakistan's lethal game

<i>Illustration: John Shakespeare</i>.The polite veil finally has been torn off, exposing one of the nastiest secrets in world affairs - one of the pivotal countries fighting the ''war on terror'' has also been one of the main exporters of terror. Pakistan has been playing this double game for many years now. Its political leaders publicly avow full co-operation with the US in hunting down al-Qaeda and other terrorists. But, at the very same time, its army and intelligence service covertly incubate and arm some of the world's most vicious terrorist groups.
Australian army commanders in Afghanistan have been confounded and frustrated by this for the past decade. They see insurgent fighters move from Pakistan into Afghanistan to shoot at them and other coalition forces, and then see them disappear back into Pakistan. At the same time, they've had to listen to their top brass and ministers and

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