Monday, November 21, 2011

Bullet riddled Bodies of Three missing Baloch Found in Balochistan

Abdul Khaliqe                            Fida Jan Bugti
QUETTA: Two more bullet-riddled bodies of missing persons were found in the coastal township of Pasni on Sunday. According to the Balochistan Levies, some passers-by informed them about the bodies, which had been dumped in Kalag Kulanch area of Pasni. The bodies were transferred to the Pasni government hospital. “They received a slip from pocket in which their names were written,” levies sources said. They were identified as Mula Abdul Khaliq 33, resident of Palari area Tehsil Jiwani district of Gwadar and Zahid Hussain Dashti, a resident of Zarainn Bug area Dasht, some 40 kilometres from Turbat. “They had received bullets on head and chest with multiple marks of torture,” hospital sources said. According to sources, Abdul Khaliq, 33, was a prayer leader in a mosque in Tehsil Jiwani and went missing about three months ago. Zahid Hussain Dashti, 30, a shopkeeper in Turbat, was subjected to an enforced disappearance about two months ago. The relatives of the victims accused security personnel of kidnapping and killing. “We know nothing will be done in this case also,” one of the relatives said on anonymity. “Most of the families now do not send their children to Quetta forstudy or any other purpose merely because we fear that they will be picked up and their bullet-riddled bodies will surface.”
Sources  also reported that on Saturday (19 Nov, 2011) the body of Fida Jani Bugti, a young Baloch student, was found from Kuchlak area of Balochistan. Mr Bugti had disappeared three days ago from Quetta.

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