Monday, December 5, 2011

Mir Gul Khan Naseer: the pioneer of Balochi revolutionary poetry

December 6 is marked as the 28th death anniversary of Mir Gul Khan Naseer who enjoys an unparalleled position in the pantheon of Balochi poets. With his inspirational verses, he gave a new dimension to modern Balochi revolutionary poetry in the post-partition period. Born in 1914, at Nushki, Balochistan, Gul Khan made his first appearance in the realm of literature in the early 40s during the hay-days of the Progressive Movement

Baloch Human Rights Council  is holding a Memorial Reference Day for Mir Gul Khan Naseer  on Sunday 11 December 2011 at Uni of London.   You are requested to attend the memorial day. For more details of the event kindly visit the link below:

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