Tuesday, January 31, 2012

'Pak military initiated brutal operation in Bugti areas of Balochistan'

Quetta, Jan 31 (ANI): Pakistan's military has reportedly started a brutal operation in the Bugti areas of Balochistan.  According to the Sri Lanka Guardian, Pakistan's military is conducting a wide operation with the help of gunship helicopters and fighter jets in Sui,Gopat,Pirkoh,Uch and adjacent areas.  Three, including a woman, have reportedly been killed, while over 15 Baloch villagers have been critically injured. The Baloch Republican Party's (BRP) central spokesman Mir Sher Mohammad Bugti said in a statement that the occupying forces have intensified military operations in Balochistan after the concerns expressed by the American State Department on genocide of the Baloch nation and human rights violations by occupying forces in Balochistan.

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