Sunday, January 1, 2012

Pakistani state crimes have been in full fledged in Balochistan in 2011

Pakistan has been committing heinous crimes against humanity in Balochistan since the forcible annexation in 1948. Some of the pictures of the victims during 2011 are published here with the courtesy of Gwank. Abduction and extra judicially killing of Baloch Youth, political & social activists, students, Doctors, Journalists and lawyers  have been daily routine by Pakistani military & paramilitary forces and its proxy death squads. These victims have been abducted by Pakistani state agencies either in broad day light or in the houses of the victims in the night by force. They are kept in solitary confinement where they are severely tortured to death and then their mutilated bullet riddled bodies have been thrown in different parts of  Balochistan. These pictures exposes Pakistani State terrorism and barbarism in Balochistan. Around 400 bullet riddled mutilated bodies have been found in Balochistan since July 2010 and Thousands are missing, kept in Pakistani tortured cell.. Their only crime is that they are Baloch and Lives in Balochistan.
Baloch Human Rights Council  appeals to the international community ie UN, EU and the civilized world to take notice of Pakistani state fascists crimes against  humanity and intervene in Balochistan to stop the systematic genocide of Baloch Nation by Pakistani State. BHRC is great full to Radio Gwank and we publish these pictures with a huge thanks to Gwank & its team.

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