Saturday, February 25, 2012

CARTE BLANCHE: Balochistan: waiting for closure —Mehmal Sarfraz

The government’s offer, on the face of it, is good. The problem is the government cannot save the Baloch leaders from the military. Let’s not forget what happened to the Baloch leader Nawab Nauroz Khan. An oath taken on the Quran was violated by our military in his case
Balochistan: a land so beautiful and a people so brave. A land full of hope, a people inspired. But today the soil of Balochistan is soaked with the blood of its children, its mountains reverberate with the harrowing wails of its women, its air haunted by the distraught cries of the older men, its plains full of orphans. The culprit is none other than the Pakistani military. One shudders at the thought of the bloody massacre being carried out in Balochistan by the same military that is supposed to protect its citizens.No wonder the Baloch are asking for freedom. No wonder the Baloch leadership is discussing the Balochistan Liberation Charter. No wonder the veteran Baloch leaders have said they cannot control the outcome of this insurgency. No wonder the media has woken up from its slumber. No wonder a US Congressional hearing on Balochistan took place. No wonder a resolution has been introduced in the House of Representatives supporting Balochistan’s right to self-determination.

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