Saturday, February 11, 2012

EDITORIAL: Congressional hearing on Balochistan

The Baloch are being hounded in their own land and outside Balochistan by the military and its proxies. This is the fifth time that the Baloch have waged a struggle against the Pakistani establishment since 1948. Instead of giving them their due rights, the Pakistani military establishment has left no stone unturned to brutally terrorise the Baloch. The ongoing military operation has left thousands of Baloch missing and hundreds of them have died a horrific death at the hands of the military. What is needed is a political solution instead of the military’s heavy-handedness. If we do not make any effort to hold discussions with the Baloch leaders in the mountains and in exile, the danger to the unity of the federation cannot be ignored. Now that the Baloch issue has been raised on a global platform, it is hoped that instead of knee-jerk reactions by Pakistan, we would see our politicians stand united against the military and demand that the military operation be ended immediately so that a political solution can be found. *\02\11\story_11-2-2012_pg3_1

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