Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The long silence must be broken

 Duality or hypocrisy, whatever we wish to call it, has become a part of our lives – it is something we live with constantly.
We see it right now in the government’s dramatic announcement on the one hand of an amnesty for Baloch leaders currently in exile, while almost simultaneously the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority has issued a “press advice” to seven major television channels, ominously reminiscent of actions under our worst dictatorships. 
It warns them not to air the views of the very same leaders to whom the deal was offered. It is no surprise these men treated it with distrust.
It seems clear from the press advice the government does not mean what it had said earlier – about talking to the Baloch leaders.
The letter sent out to the media organisations comes in response to interviews aired with Hyrbyair Marri and Brahmdagh Bugti. It suggests views “detrimental” to the “existence of Pakistan” are not be broadcast.
There is a warning of further action against channels which violate the rules or campaign against the new Pemra restrictions.

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