Monday, February 20, 2012

Pakistan: Trapped by its own narrative, Pakistan's Satanic role as an ally in the war on terror

New Delhi, Feb.20 (ANI): Although U.S.-Pakistan relations have been going southwards since the Abbotabad raid in May last year, something unusual is happening these days. Unlike the past, when the U.S. would succumb to Pakistani blackmail rather hastily, the US not only seems unfazed by Pakistani antics but has become aggressive in dealing with Islamabad.
This is where it gets interesting. Pakistani generals believed that blocking the NATO supply lines to Afghanistan would bring US to its knees within days. But nearly three months after the routes were shut down by Pakistan Army, not once have the U.S. officials publicly asked for resumption of supply lines. Pakistan, it seems, has overplayed its hand. Hit hard by the loss of revenue, Pakistan Army's National Logistics Council, the major financial beneficiary of NATO supplies through Pakistan, seems desperate now. It has tried to compensate for the losses by signing an exclusive contract with National Refinery which has turned private truckers violent. Besides NATO supply lines, the other two things Pakistan believed the U.S. needed it for were intelligence sharing on al Qaeda, and bringing Taliban to the Afghan negotiating table. Since bin Laden's death at the hands of US marines in Abbottabad, U.S. doesn't harbour any expectations of garnering worthwhile intelligence from Pakistan. Moreover, it has been chastened by previous experiences to share any actionable intelligence with Pakistan army or ISI. 

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