Monday, February 13, 2012

Pakistan's Colonial State of Mind Keeps Baloch in Chains

A U.S. House Foreign Affairs committee hearing held last week on human rights violations in Balochistanelicited predictably defensive reactions from Pakistan after the proceedings exposed the brutality of the sub-colonial racist ethos the country's Punjabi elite inherited from their British overlords. According to Pakistan's rulers and right-wing media, the state's oppression of a subject race is an internal affair and, most importantly, none of Washington'sbusinessAs a result of "kill and dump" operations along with enforced disappearances at a clip that rivals Pinochet's Chile, over 10,000 Baloch have gone missing who are either dead or holed up in Pakistani detention centers in locations unknown, in what historian Selig Harrison described as "slow-motion genocide." Balochistan has also been economically deprived by Islamabad. Though most of Pakistan's natural resources are located in Balochistan -- including natural gas, oil and minerals -- the Baloch see a mere fraction of it.

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