Wednesday, March 21, 2012

US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher requests the US radio to broadcast news in Balochi

Washington: US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher on Wednesday heavily criticized Pakistani Government and secret agencies and said that they worked against the United States (US) interests, media reported on Wednesday. According to reports, in a letter written to a head of US’ private radio channel, Rohrabacher stated that instead of huge aid given to Pakistan, the government was not co-operating with US but improving its ties with China. He further accused Pakistani government and agencies for their involvement in killings of US citizens and said that they are involved in the killings of American citizens and in the killings of innocent Baloch people. “Pakistan is not accepting the right of self-determination of Baloch people,” he added.
The US Congressman further requested the head that the news regarding Balochistan should be broadcasted in Balochi.
It is to be mentioned here that it was Dana Rohrabacher who tabled a resolution in US Congress regarding Balochistan issue. 

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