Saturday, April 7, 2012

Brahamdagh Bugti says he will be killed if he returns to Pakistan

“If I go back, I also will be killed,” he said in an interview in Geneva, Switzerland. “Nawab Akbar Bugti was killed, Balach Marri was killed,” he added to make his point. Brahamdagh, now living in Zurich, often meets the press in an upscale hotel in Geneva. He said the reason he was living in exile was that he was better able to work for his cause from outside Pakistan. “I can work for the Baloch people from here,” he said.
He was only 25 when Akbar Bugti was murdered on August 26, 2006. That was when he fled to Afghanistan where he stayed for a number of years before seeking asylum in Switzerland last year. He has shaved off his Baloch beard, trimmed his flowing black locks and exchanged his Baloch turban for a beret. An apparently unarmed but sturdy-looking young Baloch guard shadows Brahamdagh wherever he goes

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