Saturday, May 19, 2012

Balochistan: Baloch Journalist's Bullet riddled found

QUETTA: The bullet-riddled body of a journalist was found dumped in a deserted area near Turbat city in Kech district on Saturday morning. At least 17 journalists have been killed in Balochistan during the last three years. Relatives of Express News correspondent Razzaq Gul said that he had been kidnapped from near his house on Friday evening and had been missing since then.
کوئٹہ سے بی بی سی کے نامہ نگار ایوب ترین کے مطابق سنیچر کی صبح پولیس کو سنگانی سر میں پرانے سول ہسپتال کے قریب ’ایکسپریس نیوز‘ کےمقامی نمائندے رزاق گل کی لاش ملی۔ جنہیں فوری طور پر سول ہسپتال تربت منتقل کیا گیا۔

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