Friday, May 25, 2012

Pakistani state's violation with impunity on extrajudicial execution in Balochistan

Security and intelligence forces acted largely with impunity and were accused of violations, including enforced disappearances, torture and killing of civilians, journalists, activists and suspected members of armed groups in indiscriminate attacks and extrajudicial executions.

Extrajudicial executions

Reports of extrajudicial executions were most common in Balochistan province, as well as the Northwest and violence-ridden Karachi.
  • On 28 April, human rights activist Siddique Eido and his friend Yousuf Nazar Baloch were found dead in the Pargari Sarbat area of Balochistan. According to witnesses, they were abducted while travelling with police by men in plain clothes accompanied by paramilitary Frontier Corps forces on 21 December 2010. Hospital reports said their bodies had bullet wounds and bore signs of torture.
  • On 8 June, a television crew filmed the extrajudicial execution of Sarfaraz Shah by paramilitary Rangers in a Karachi park. Following the Supreme Court’s intervention, the Sindh government dismissed senior law enforcement officials and, on 12 August, the Anti-Terrorism Court sentenced one of the Rangers to death for the murder. Five other Rangers and a civilian were sentenced to life in prison. All appealed against their sentences to the Sindh High Court.
  • On 17 May, police and Frontier Corps forces killed five foreigners in Quetta, including a heavily pregnant woman, whom they claimed were suicide bombers. An inquiry concluded that the victims were not armed and two police officers were suspended. A journalist who took photos of the killings went into hiding after receiving death threats, and the doctor who conducted autopsies on the victims was assaulted and later killed by a group of unknown men. Other witnesses were reportedly threatened by security personnel.

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