Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Baloch and the right of self-determination, by Dr. Taj Breseeg

The principle of self-determination forms the most pragmatic basis of reconciling group identity within the community of nations and facilitates governance models that promote stability and regional security. Since the British occupation (1839) and the forced merger (Iran-1928, and Pakistan-1948) of the Baloch land, the question of the right to self-determination is raised. In the last two decade, many peoples and states obtained their independence, sometimes in a diplomatic way, sometimes after armed struggle. The republics of the former Yugoslavia, the Baltic states of former Soviet Union, East Timor, Kosovo and the South Sudan a few to be named. So what about the Baloch? With a population around 15 million people, the Baloch people nowadays are the largest ethnical group in the south-west Asia, without an appropriate future. Are the Baloch entitled to have an own state? In this article not only juridical but inevitably political aspects of the Baloch question as well, will be dealt with.

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