Thursday, June 14, 2012

Today Baloch Blood Costs Nothing WHY?

Balochistan human rightsWhere is the international arrest warrant?

SALEM) - We have carried a number of articles about the struggle of the people of Balochistan; everything we learn only makes the picture seem more brutal and inhumane. Balochistan is the hallmark of government terrorism and its victims deserve both autonomy and freedom. Instead they only receive exploitation and a life encircled by violations of international law. This population of kind and forthright people has labored to survive, having been walked upon for 65 years by the jack boot heels of military occupation. The oppression; the scandalous police abuse and torture; murders carried out by government thugs... it is all part of daily life here and nobody should be forced to accept this. In Balochistan, if reporters challenge the government they turn up missing or dead, and even members of the government who speak out against the corruption are forcibly abducted in broad daylight and taken to torturous death.
This is unacceptable in every instance and the fact that Bangladesh's suffering is off the radar is the direct and blatant fault of western media which has become a toilet bowl of information providers. It is truly sickening what the press has become,FREE BALOCHISTAN!
Please accelerate your understanding of this ongoing Genocide and series of Crimes Against Humanity. The conflict in this region is known as "Pakistan's Dirty War" and it needs to be highly exposed in media channels, anything less is a crying shame.

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