Saturday, August 11, 2012

Baloch have suffered the most because they are fighting for their right to a life with dignity and honour

A school of thought among liberals considers it progressive and fashionable to put the onus of state brutality on the victims, castigating them for resisting excesses and consequently affording the perpetrators a chance to inflict greater hardships and punishment on the people. They advocate abject submission to the perpetrators to minimise sufferings without realising that submission demeans human dignity and ensures absolute slavery. They see life only in terms of jobs, even if menial in nature, and some sort of economic benefits even if these are leftovers of what is rightfully yours. Their advocacy is for grooming people to become well-fed slaves instead of accepting temporary hardships for a life of freedom and dignity. For them submission is a supreme virtue and resistance an abomination. They blame the victims to exonerate the perpetrators

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