Wednesday, August 1, 2012

US Not to Supply Weapons to Pak: Congressman

Common enemy of United States & Baloch nation

A Note from BHRC; Baloch Human Rights Council  welcomes wholeheartedly the  US gov. decision to stop  supply of weapons and  other resources to Pakistan. We have been telling all along from day one that Pakistan is using the weapons and resources supplied by the west & US against the west and  as well as against  the Baloch nation. Pakistan's main assets are Taliban extremest and Nukes.  Both Taliban and Nukes are  threat for world security and the stability of Baloch nation in the region. Pakistan is using both against  international civilised world as well as against the Baloch. Pakistan is doing its best to spread fear and threat to convert Baloch liberal & secular society to  a extremist islamic fundamentalist one,  But  Baloch nation has rejected their evil intentions. Pakies  have used western  given weapons against the systematic Baloch Genocide and threatening the international community by sponsoring ,creating more Taliban  and helping them cross the border to attack allied  forces in Afghanistan. BHRC request the international Community and to the US Govt.  to join hands with Baloch nation to fight the war aginst terrorism. Baloch are the real friends of the civilised world in the region. Together we are all one and can defeat evil  & international thuggery of Pakistan & Iran for regional and Global peace & prosperity
The US would not supply weapons and other resources to Pakistan as it results in killing of American people in war-torn Afghanistan and elsewhere, an influential American Congressman has said.
"Pakistan should know that we are not going to put up any longer with them in supplying the resources and the weapons to kill Americans anywhere in the world especially in Afghanistan," Congressman Dana Rohrabacher said here. He was speaking at a ceremony for assembling the first of the 10 C-17 heavy-lift military aircraft manufactured by Boeing for the Indian Air Force.

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