Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Student in Balochistan Shot Dead by Pakistani Military 'Goons'

(SACRAMENTO, CA) - A systematic genocide of the Baloch Nation is escalating with every passing moment, yet most Americans have never heard of the place. They should understand though because they're paying for it.
How much money does the US give to Pakistan every year? U.S. taxpayers provide roughly $2 billion a year to the government of Pakistan and in part, this is what they do with it. You are looking at it, the dead boy to the right.
Welcome to Pakistan's 'Dirty Wary' that they don't want the west to think about or know about. It is because of the constant systematic slaughter of people who speak out against the government.
People in the west convince themselves that bravery is defined on the battlefield. Well, in Balochistan, every day is a battlefield only there are no winners.

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