Monday, January 14, 2013

Editorial: Governor Rule— Unfair Rule

The imposition of governor rule is extremely disappointing and despicable . The way a democratic government, although corrupt and incompetent,  has been dismissed clearly shows that Islamabad treats Balochistan as a colony where it does not respect the public mandate. The brazen derailment of the democratic process brings back the old memories of 1973 when Balochistan’s first elected government headed by Sardar Attaullah Mengal was ousted in an undemocratic fashion. While Raisani and his cabinet can justifiably be blamed for bad governance, there failure does not validate the imposition of governor rule in Balochistan. This is a political and constitutional invasion of Balochistan by the central government that has already been engaged in military actions in certain parts of the province. Finally, granting police rights to the F.C. is like a bull in a China shop. National and international human rights groups have blamed the F.C. for carrying out widespread human rights abuses in the province. It is believed to be involved in enforced disappearances,  torture, and murder of Baloch political workers. Even the Balochistan Police provided the Supreme Court of Pakistan an authentic video footage which showed F.C. personnel kidnapping some political activists. The F.C. is a part of the problem instead of the solution. Its assumption of police powers is certain to cause mistrust and confrontation between the local residents and the F.C.

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