Monday, January 28, 2013

Editorial: Killing of an Educationist

Shaheed Ikram Mengal Advocate12More than ten days have passed since Mohammad Akram Mengal, the Chief Director of  an educational institution in Kharan District known as the Challenger Academy, and his four-year old son Rehan Akram Mengal, were brutally shot dead by unidentified persons. The attackers entered inside the school, carried out the assault and easily managed to escape from the scene. The government functionaries have remained utterly clueless in tracing the culprits of the tragic incident. The killing has sent shock waves among the students and the residents in Balochistan in general and Kharan in particular about the state of lawlessness. A brazen attack, such as the one that killed Mr. Mengal and his kid on January 18, justifiably worries the people of the area considering the attackers’ level of confidence which emboldened them to the extent of entering inside the school to shoot Mr. Mengal and his son and then comfortably walk away from the scene.

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