Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Iran facists regime executes 4 more Baloch civilians

The Iranian fascist  regime  has executed four more Baloch in Zahedan the capital city of Balochistan.  It is worth noting that Baloch and other smaller nationalities like kurds ,Azaries and Arabs are not allowed to defend themselves in the court.  Baloch prisoners are denied any legal  representation by Iranian brutal authorities .
According to the Human Rights Activist (HARANA) on 16,02,2013 four Baloch prisoners named, Gulam Righi, Parviz Mirbalochzahi, Abdulah Barahoui and Mohammad shah Norzai were executed.
Unfortunately as elections  are approaching, the Barbaric regime of Iran has started its satanic attempt by harassing and killing  of Baloch civilians.
Just two weeks ago on Wednesday the 30th January 2013, another five Baloch prisoners named, Nezar Shahbakhsh son of Allahdad, Abdullah Shahbakhsh son of Asad. Nematullah Shahbakhsh son of Walimohamad, Abdul Rahman Shahbakhsh son of Yousef and Saleh Nutizahi were executed in the city of Kerman.   

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