Wednesday, October 30, 2013

PAKISTAN/IRAN: 16 Balochis were executed in an act of revenge by Iran

Between 314 and 544 persons have been executed in Iran in 2013 alone
16 Baloch political prisoners were executed in Iran in an act of revenge for an attack on the border security forces. The executed Balochis were already in Zahedan prison and took no part in the attack. It was alleged that the Baloch prisoners crossed the border from Pakistan and they were executed after an encounter between Mersad, an Iranian paramilitary group and another armed group. In this encounter, according to government news agencies, 17 border security personnel were killed. Public prosecutor Mohammad Marziyeh announced that “Sixteen rebels linked to groups hostile to the regime were hanged in the prison of Zahedan in response to the death of border guards in Saravan, Iran.” Many Balochi persons have been arrested in Iran on charges of crossing the border illegally, smuggling drugs and creating a law and order situation. However, they are hanged on the charges of insurgency after attacks on border security personnel and clashes with the security forces. The Balochis residing in Pakistan and Iran are the victims of their regimes on both sides of the border who are happy to use them as scapegoats to appease the public. Balochis want only the fundamental rights that they are entitled to but face enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings in both countries. Balochistan, a vast area of land has bountiful natural resources and Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan have occupied the land and denied the people of their rights to a homeland. These three countries are making free with the natural resources and give nothing back but oppression and fear. 

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