Monday, November 11, 2013

Mass execution by Iran in Balochistan is Condemned and Solidarity with Baloch Missing persons families expressed in London Demo.

Press Release
LONDON, Baloch Human Rights Council (UK) held a demonstration in front of Iranian embassy,  16 Prince's Gate Sw7 1PT London  on Sunday 10 November 2013 from 2 pm to 4.30 pm to protest against the recent  Barbaric mass execution of Baloch prisoners  by Iran in a revenge of a border clash with its security men.  A large no. of Baloch, Sindhi,Kurdish and Ahwazi  political and human rights  activists participated in the demo. They condemn the Iranian state brutal executions of Baloch political activists and called for unity  and combined efforts to regain their freedom & sovereignty.
The Gathering also Paid rich Tributes  and expressed their solidarity  with the 70 yrs old aged  Maama Qadeer and families of Baloch Missing Persons who are on a long March by foot from Quetta to Karachi (some 760 miles ) to campaign &  highlight the issue of  Baloch missing persons who have been abducted by Pakistani state agencies and extra judicially killed. The gathering also condemn the criminal silence of Pakistani media by not reporting the news.
 Dr. Hayder Laashari,  Dr. Jawad Mella President of Kurdistan (Syrian) Party,  Mahnaz Baloch, Faisal Alahwazi  leader of Ahawz, Muhammad Naeem Dad,  Ali Mulahzai,  Vajed Hossainzehi, Dr. Hidayt Bhutto leader of world Sindhi Congress and Samad Baloch spoke on the occasion.
Baloch Human Rights Council has written a letter( Posted by registered mail) To the United Nations Secretary General requesting for Un intervention and establishing an international commission to investigate the heinous crimes against humanity being committed by the Iranians in Balochistan
The original text of the  letter is posted below,

For more  Pictures of The demo pls click on the Link :

Ban Ki-Moon
Secretary- General
United Nations Organization
United Nations Secretariat New York,
NY 10017-3515

Dated: 05/11/13

Subject: Revenge mass executions by Iranian regime in Balochistan

Dear Secretary General,

We would like to draw your kind attention towards the barbaric treatment of the Baloch political and social activists by the Iranian authorities in the province of Sistan o Balochistan.
Last month, it has been widely reported by international media that Sixteen Baloch political activists have been hanged in Iran in retaliation for the deaths of at least 14 border guards in an ambush. The Iranian authorities have been quoted to proudly boasting that any resistance towards the oppressive measures of its security forces in Balochistan would be retaliated and revenged by immediately executing the Baloch political prisoners held in various jails in Iranian held Balochistan. This inhuman act of disproportionate measure is the continuation of Iranian policy of crushing the peaceful Baloch national resistance movement in Iran.
Baloch are facing the cruelest state oppression in the contemporary history. Cultural, social, historical, economic and political marginalization by the religious fanatical state of Iran is the hallmark of the subjugation of the Baloch. The state controlled by a fanatical group of Ayatollahs has been reacting to the genuine Baloch demands for cultural, economic and political emancipation with the use of crude military prowess. Kidnappings, torture, solitary confinement and extra judicial killings of the Baloch by the state intelligence agencies are the usual ways adopted and have been graphically reported by various international human rights organizations affiliated with the United Nations.
Your Excellency,
The irony is that the UN and international community are watching silently the violation of human rights and annihilation of an entire people by the Iranian state. The silence of the UN and international community cannot be justified in the name of the principle of state sovereignty.
Your Excellency,
The situation in Iranian held Balochistan is alarming. We believe that we are justified in asking for the immediate intervention of the UN in order to pressurize the fanatical state for an immediate end to genocide and barbaric acts being committed on the Baloch.
We believed that this act of medieval mind-set should not go with impunity in a world of 21st century. The Baloch Human Rights Council (UK) therefore requests your immediate intervention. We request that this petition be taken as an urgent humanitarian appeal. Your immediate intervention could save not only countless innocent lives but could also prevent the present situation from developing into a total genocide of the defense less Baloch people. We will be grateful if the UN could establish an international commission to investigate the heinous crimes against humanity being committed by the Iranians in Balochistan.

Yours sincerely

Samad Baloch
General Secretary

Baloch Human Rights Council (UK)

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