Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Invitation to BHRC event in Toronto - to observe Balck Day on Saturday March 29, 2014

Balochistan Observes Black Day

March 27, 1948
On August 4, 1947, a tripartite agreement was signed between Pakistan, the British and Balochistan, called The Standstill Agreement, in which the sovereign status of Balochistan was accepted. The Khan declared Balochistan independent on August 11, 1947, three days before the independence of Pakistan. On March 26, 1948, the Pakistan Army was ordered to move into the Baloch coastal region of Pasni, Jiwani and Turbat. This was the first act of aggression prior to the march on Kalat by a Pakistani military detachment on April 1, 1948. Kalat capitulated on March 27 after the army moved into the coastal region and it was announced in Karachi that the Khan of Kalat has agreed to merge his state with Pakistan. Under the Constitution of Kalat, the Khan was not authorized to take such a basic decision. The Balochistan Assembly had already rejected any suggestion of forfeiting the independence of Balochistan on any pretext. The sovereign Baloch state after British withdrawal from India lasted only 227 days.
A meeting will be held in Toronto to protest Balochistan’s forced annexation through illegal military invasion on March 27, 1948 by Pakistan.
Join us in remembrance of Baloch nation’s loss of rights, freedoms and sovereignty:
North York Central Library
Meeting Room # 1
First floor
5120 Yonge Street, Toronto
Ontario M2N 5N9
Saturday, March 29, 2014
6 pm to 10 pm
TTC Subway Station: North York Centre (Library located above the station)

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