Thursday, November 24, 2016

BHRC (UK) condemns the illegal detention of Wahid Baloch and appeals to Human rights organisations to intervene to save the life of Rights activist

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Press Release

Baloch Human Rights Council (UK) strongly condemns the kidnapping and illegal detention of the Baloch writer Abdul Wahid Baloch by Pakistani intelligence agencies.
Image result for save wahid balochAbdul Wahid Baloch, is a well-known social worker, writer and activist. He was picked up by security agencies four months ago but no one knows where he is being held. Like tens of hundreds of other Baloch social and political activists, he has completely disappeared from the radar. His family and friends have not been told about the whereabouts of Mr Baloch. He has so far been neither charged nor produced before a court of law.
Image result for stop baloch genocideOn 26 July, he was returning from a wedding in Karachi when he and a friend were stopped by two law enforcement agents. After checking their IDs, the officers arrested Mr Baloch and his friend was allowed to go who informed Mr Baloch's family about his arrest. The family then made inquiries with the Police who denied any knowledge of the arrest. They then tried several times to report his disappearance to the local police station but all in vain. Police simply refused to listen to them and file an F.I.R. (First Information Report). In the Pakistani legal system the courts won't entertain a case without an F.I.R., i.e., a proper police report. After losing hope in the police they filed a suit in the provincial High Court. The judges ordered the police to file an F.I.R. and at the same time ordered them as well as all the secret agencies to produce Mr Baloch before the court on August 16th. Despite the court order, neither he has been produced before the court nor has a formal F.I.R been lodged against the kidnappers of Mr. Baloch.
BHRC believes that disappearance of Mr. Abdul Wahid Baloch is in accordance with the continuing policy of the Pakistani state to physically eliminate the cream of the Baloch society. The Pakistan military and its secret agencies are free to arrest, detain, torture and kill the Baloch people from all walks of society with impunity. Taking into account the track record of state security agencies regarding the Baloch political and social activists, Mr Baloch's life is in grave danger.
BHRC believes that such crimes of the Pakistani intelligence agencies tantamount to genocidal acts punishable under international laws. BHRC  therefore appeals to the international community to take notice of the brutalities of Pakistani army and its agencies which are involved in crime against humanity on daily bases.
BHRC is highly concern about the physical security of Mr. Abdul Wahid Baloch and therefore appeals to all human rights & freedom loving, democratic organisations, parties and individuals to take cognisance of such inhuman activities of the Pakistani state agencies and put pressure on Pakistan to save Mr. Abdul Wahid Baloch’s life.

Issued By:
Secretary General

Dated; 20 November 2016

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