Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Extremism, Pakistan Foreign policy and international response

UK 23 November 2011. I know many Pakistanis will not like this, but the fact is that they are fighting a monster which their government and secret agencies worked hard to create; and sad aspect of this fight is that despite more than 35 thousand deaths and loss of billions in business and property, some sections of the Pakistani society continue tosupport the monster which is destroying them and threatening very foundations of the Pakistan State.True, extremism is not confined to Pakistan, but where else would you find so much support for it among different state organs, officials and groups representing different sections of the society. Sad thing is that for many years it was perceived as a state policy to nourish those groups and individuals who promoted violence, terrorism and extremist views in name of religion; and anyone who oppose this or even question the rationale of this policy is considered as unpatriotic and subject to severe punishment.

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