Thursday, November 10, 2011

Killing with impunity

BALOCHISTAN`S issues may be many but the state has left a lot to be desired in the handling of these. For many months now, bullet-riddled corpses are being discovered with alarming regularity across the province. The nature of the wounds suggests summary executions. Most recently this month, the bodies of four men shot in the head and chest were found near Turbat, Khuzdar and Pasni. Two of them were members of the banned Baloch Republican Party. Two days later, the body of a journalist, with similar wounds, was found in Hub. He had been missing for two months. It is widely believed that the security forces are involved in these `kill and dump` operations, accused as they are by human rights groups of being behind the scores of `forced disappearances`. Yet the killings continue, for the federal and provincial governments have effectively handed over the security policy in Balochistan to the security forces, while the latter, it seems, have discarded even the semblance of respecting due process.

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