Monday, December 12, 2011

Baloch writer an ex employ of US consulate target killed allegedly By ISI On international Human Rights Day in Karachi

Faisal was a very progressive and liberal writer. He was very well read. In his arguments, he was concise as well as cogent. He was soft-spoken. He had completed his M.Phil from the University of Balochistan and was planning to do a PhD when we met and spoke for the last time.
Faisal MengalFaisal quit as his job at the US Consulate in Karachi and joined Martin’s  HSF.
Faisal played his role for the development of Balochistan through his writings and social work. He was an extraordinary traveler. He had traveled to every part of the province. Whenever I met him, he was either coming back or going to a ‘field trip’. He made valuable contributions to Balochistan for which he will be missed in the times to come.
The assassination of a Baloch intellectual, social worker in Sindh gives us a very alarming reminder about the seriousness of the threat educated Balochs face inside Pakistan. Those who have already fled Balochistan to ‘relatively safer places’, are now chased by a violent death elsewhere in the country.

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