Sunday, January 29, 2012

8 Balochs Killed by Iranian Forces on the Border Near Gwadar

RAS AL KHAIMAH Iranian forces have killed eight border traders and injured another in the early hours of Thursday northeast of Chabahar port city on Pakistan border.According to reports reaching here, six cattle traders from Pakistani side of Balochistan after delivering cows to their customers in Iranian Balochistan province were returning when they were chased and fired upon by the Pasdaran Forces of Iran, killing them all instantly. Four other travelers in two four-wheel drives form Bahu Kalat and Dashtiyari sub-districts north of Chabahar also came under fire, killing two of them instantly while fourth sustaining severe injuries,
Both Iran and Pakistan have a treaty allowing people on both sides of the borders free trade exchange, mainly trading foodstuff and other essential commodities.

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