Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Baloch Human Rights Council's Letter of Apreciation to Congressman Dana Rohrabacher


Congressman Dana Rohrabacher
Chairman of the Oversight and Investigation sub Committee of
The House Foreign Affairs committee.
2300 Rayburn House office Building
Washington DC 20515

14 February 2012

Subject: Human Right Situation in Balochistan

Dear Dana Rohrabacher,

This is in appreciation of the notice taken by the US Congress on the worsening human rights situation in Balochistan. Showing concern on the sufferings of the Baloch by civilized world is a ray of hope for the thousands of the families whose loved one had either been extra-judicially killed or been kidnapped by Pakistani security agencies.
As Pakistan is heavily dependent on economic, military, and political support of the United States of America, any gesture of support for the human rights of the Baloch may save some of the Baloch lives. Although, we consider the recent investigative meeting of the committee as a very positive step; however, we would like to highlight the fact that unless practical measures of imposing sanctions on Pakistan are not taken, the miseries of those who are suffering the worst of the brutalities on the hands of Pakistani Army will not lessened in a meaningful way.
We strongly request that the US Congress should press upon the government of the United States to take the human right situation in Balochistan as an emergent humanitarian crisis and use its influence on Pakistan in a forceful and meaningful way.
Thanking you in anticipation in the belief that your highly commendable efforts will continue regarding the situation in Balochistan.

Yours Sincerely,
Samad Baloch
General Secretary
Baloch Human Rights Council (UK)

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