Tuesday, February 21, 2012

“No peace in Balochistan & the region without a Free Balochistan

Balochistan would provide to Americans, including the ability to contain a rising China and an emerging Iran, prevent an adversarial Pakistan from achieving strategic depth in Afghanistan, and ensure Baloch-American economic prosperity through new energy and mineral resource agreements. However, with little time to prepare for the hearing and only five minutes of allotted time to provide oral testimony, many of these points were not expressed. Bor therefore looks to this post-hearing assessment as a mechanism to share publicly for the first time what he has shared privately with Baloch nationalists and their supporters. As one of the five witnesses called before Congress, it is assured that these remarks will be closely watched by all side to the Baloch 

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  1. Sub:- Representatives (Rohrabacher, Gohmert and King) resolution about Balochistan

    Ref:- (i)- This time India will not commit blunder in Balochistan (of not providing armed forces to US lead UN resolution).

    (ii)- Massive political uprising is imminent in Balochistan.

    (iii)- India has become wiser after Afghanistan fiasco (caused mainly due to not providing armed forces to US lead UN resolution in Afghanistan).

    (iv)- Present Iran / Israel crises will also shape India’s policy in favor of Baloch’s right to self determination.

    (v)- ‘Baloch Spring’ unlike ‘Arab Spring’ will influence even Kashmir problem.

    (vi)- Independent Balochistan will change Sino – US strategic equations in South Asia.

    (vii)- Independent Kashmir will be acceptable to India in view of (A)- Independent Balochistan (B)- unavoidable FSDSAARC and (C)- relief from terrorism.


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