Monday, February 6, 2012

US Congressional hearing may spell trouble for Pakistan

While some officials from the government and non-governmental organisations have only expressed concern over the situation, other individuals, including former army soldiers, State department officials and members of the US Congress, have now begun to publicly assert support for an independent Balochistan.  —Photo by ReutersThe United States (US) Committee on Foreign Affairs is set to convene acongressional hearing on Wednesday (February 8), for an exclusive discussion on Balochistan.
 Calls for ‘independence’
While Islamabad has strictly treated Balochistan as an internal matter, the debate on such a divisive topic by the powerful committee has highlighted the level of American interest in Balochistan and its support, if any, for the nationalist movement. On its part, Pakistan has kept Washington at arm’s length on the Balochistan issue, by refusing to grant it permission to open a consulate in Quetta.

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