Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Balochistan, Power Politics and the Battle for Oil

If the National Security Policy of the USA makes any sense at all, then it's Pakistan that the USA should be looking to target with UN sanctions or economic/military pressure, perhaps in conjunction with India and in consultation with China and Russia. After all, Pakistan is a failing state that already has nuclear weapons. And it is worth stating again that the country is a military dictatorship whose intelligence service—the ISI—is known to have a lot of animosity towards the USA, and has continually lent support to the Taliban--if not Al Qaeda. Moreover, US oil and natural gas concerns own 30% of the finds in Balochistan. It would be in the USA's best interest to court the local Baloch rather than sit by and watch the government in Islamabad crush the Baloch. Lessons-learned in Iraq should have taught the leaders in Washington, DC something (anything?) about how not to make enemies out of local populations.

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