Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pakistani bomb-maker eyed multiple targets in New York

Najibullah Zazi, the admitted mastermind of a foiled plot to bomb New York City subways. File photoNew York: The Pakistani bomb-maker involved in a foiled 2009 plot against New York city's subways has revealed how he and an Al Qaeda handler in Pakistan considered everything from the subway to movie theatres as targets.
"We started the conversation on such targets as Walmart, the New York Stock Exchange, Times Square, subways, movie theatres, I believe buses were mentioned too," Najibullah Zazi said in court on Tuesday at the trial of an alleged co-conspirator, Adis Medunjanin.
Zazi, an immigrant from Pakistan and the third man in the group, Zerein Ahmedzay, an immigrant from Afghanistan, have already pleaded guilty.

Bomb-maker in NYC subway plot testifies

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