Tuesday, May 1, 2012

BHRC strongly condemns the barbaric killing of British aid worker by Pakistani Taliban



Khalil DaleBaloch Human Rights Council strongly condemns the barbaric killing of Khalil Dale by the so-called "Pakistani Taliban." It is a well known fact that this terrorist outfit is directly controlled and managed by the Pakistani military agencies. Khalil Dale was  a true humanitarian who was helping our people in and around Quetta. Because of his humane and kind nature he was very popular with the local people. It is a great shame that the dark forces of the establishment saw in Khalil Dale a threat to their twisted world of anti-human bigotry. Aside from themselves they do not trust any one else, especially, the foreign converts to Islam. The latter are seen as potential enemies who must either conform to the establishment's primitive view of Islam and obey it slavishly or be prepared to be eliminated. Khalil Dale's gruesome murde, therefore, must not be seen as an isolated incident.
The Pakistani military's brutal use of force in Balochistan, the terrorist actions of its various Jihadist outfits within and outside Pakistan, especially, in Europe and the United States and its brazen intervention in Afghanistan are proof enough that Pakistan is nothing but a rogue state. We fervently hope that the international community deal with this source of international terror and instability before it succeeds to unleash a nuclear holocaust in the region and indeed the entire world. 

Akbar Barakzai
Baloch Human Rights Council (UK).

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